Buying A Home

1FREE 10 Part MiniCourse

Don't make mistakes because you don't know How To Buy A Home! Let this 10 part FREE Mini Course show you the process you must go through to be a successful home buyer. This course is delivered by email each day. By the 10th day you will have a better and deeper understanding of how to go about buying your home.

2Choose Your (Qualified) Agent

Our concierge HOME BUYER service includes letting you choose who you want to represent you as a qualified buyer's agent. You will see video interviews of local, knowledgeable and professional real estate agents. You get to choose in private who you feel comfortable and ready to represent you.

3 Free 353 page Book

"15 Critical Steps to Buying Your First Home" is a written with you in mind by Dan Crider, a Portland-based real estate agent who is sharing the benefit of lessons learned by home buyers. These steps will empower your decision to be the BEST decision about your upcoming home purchase. This book will be available to you at the end of the 10 part mini course.


“Well, I really enjoyed the mini course. I looked forward to each email and shared it with Dottie. Most of the things we kind of were aware of but it made us talk about and think about the decisions we would have to make in buying another home.”

-Jake and Dottie T, Sellwood, OR

“Thanks for introducing me to my real estate agent. After seeing my agent on video I knew that was the person who I could trust and be comfortable with. I felt really taken care of through this whole process.”

-Wendy D, NE Portland OR

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